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Capitol and one of the largest cities of United Arab Emirates and one of the cities of modern technology and architecture, as well as a society infused with its cultural traditions, Abu Dhabi is one of the main tourist stops on Middle Eastern region. Almost the entire city lies off coats on an island connected to the mainland through a network of sophisticated road networks.
There are many things to admire in the city, especially the architecture and luxuries available for anyone. But here are some things for the adventurous soul touring Abu Dhabi; like a journey across the desert, city tour with Ferrari world and Yas Marina circuit.
Desert Safari
Connect with nature and savour the beauty of a landscape that is so out of norm. While a safari in the desert might put you off if you think of the heat and sun there are packages to enjoy a desert safari either in the morning or the night where the climate is much cooler and soothing.
You can roll up and down under high dunes in a 4x4 during dune bashing; go for snowboarding on the golden sand with dune boarding; get a picturesque view with camel riding or even enjoy some authentic food and drinks during the breaks.
Ferrari world
World’s one and only Ferrari branded theme park it is also one of the largest amusement parks in the region. The indoor park has family rides, thrill rides, kids’ rides, 4D shows and rollercoasters and the world’s fastest rollercoaster experience is much sought out by thrill seekers. For fancy car enthusiasts this is a chance to drive an actual Ferrari and look at the history of Ferraris at the museum. There are packages available with city tour with Ferrari world combination that would actually let you enjoy both.
Yas Marina circuit
The world famous venue for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the Yas Marina Circuit is a must see for car enthusiasts and speed chasers. The famous Formula One track is available to be driven through in a sports car with a professional driver or to be a firsthand viewer of other racers on the track. You can do the tour of the whole track, such as viewing the winner’s podium and other sections that you would not see from the TV or come during evening or night time to take a jog or walk around the track.
One of the busiest and most modern cities of the world, Abu Dhabi is built to impress; with extensive amusement parks and circuit tracks and also the desert to probe around. You can delve into the culture, technology and the unique food of the country.

Just as homeowners like to deck out their houses with various types of interior design and furniture, so car enthusiasts like to primp their cars to give them a personal edge. Whether it is a house or a car, these upgrades are based on personal preference and taste and what may suit one may not be another’s cup of tea. Paraphernalia used to improve the look of a vehicle is based on the type and model of the vehicle. Continue reading this article to find out more about auto spare parts of your own vehicle model.


First and foremost, it is necessary to understand what BMW stands for. A German product, BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke and in English it can be translated to Bavarian Motor Works. The company manufactures not only cars but also motorcycles and engines and dates back to the year 1916 which makes it a coveted car to own. It is quite steep in price, which means that this car is only purchased by the up-market segment of society. A common factor amongst BMW owners is their love for constantly preening their vehicles with the use of a BMW body kit.


You have probably heard the term ‘body kit’ but are not entirely sure of what it entails. This is the collection of modifications that are done externally to a car. A body kit typically consists of spoilers, paint jobs, front as well as rear bumpers and in some cases, even roof scoops and front and rear side guards. Each varies depending on the car owner and type of car owned.


If you happen to be a car owner, there is nothing wrong with getting a makeover. Plenty of car owners add modifications to their cars including the rims of their wheels. Some like to give their rides a personal touch which not only gives them a sense of attachment, but also sets them apart when on the road. BMW owners are no different and a quality BMW body kit is something they can look at getting to personalize their vehicle.


Body kits come specific to each car. What may suit a BMW will not suit for instance a Suzuki. There are many factors that come into play such as brand for starters, followed by size of the vehicle and type. Generally you should be able to find one that suits your model. BMWs have kits that are set out for each of their models such as 1 series, Z1, 8 series and so on. You can either get it installed professionally which could cost you, or even do it yourself if you know how.