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Advantages of Getting Trained In Microsoft Office and Getting the Certification

In today’s life, technology governs almost all the industries present in the world. One of its effects includes increase in the number of people specializing in Microsoft products in the market. A person holding a Microsoft certification has far greater value in the eyes of hiring professionals and has an edge over those people, who don’t hold it.
Microsoft certification
Microsoft trains people in various kinds of software. Then Microsoft itself conducts exams in order to check the trainees’ knowledge. Based on the results, they are awarded certificates for a particular set of Microsoft products. Various kinds of Microsoft courses in Dubai are offered by the certified companies some of which are listed below.
Access - It is a MS database program responsible for handling contacts and their information.
Excel - It is a MS program used for managing data by creating modified spreadsheets.
Outlook - It is a MS tool, which deals with contacts, calendars, office notes, emails, etc.
PowerPoint - It is MS software used for making presentations by slides and handouts.
Word - It is MS software used for creating documents.
Other Microsoft courses include MCTS, MCSA and MCSE, which train people in technology, IT development, designing and implementation. Certifications in these courses would prove you an expert in Microsoft products.
Advantages of Microsoft certificates
The main advantages of holding a Microsoft certification are.
It shows the extent of your knowledge and competence to your hiring company.
You become proficient in handling new technologies and can keep up with the latest arrivals.
Your better skills would lead to better income.
It can give a jumpstart to your career as it makes you a forward thinker as well as achiever.
You will become flexible and, in turn, enhance your professional performance radically.
Certification has become an important requisite, as proved by the statistics showing 91% of the usual hiring professionals keeping it as one of their criteria. It was also seen that 64% of the IT hiring companies asked candidates for certifications to prove their expertise in software. Since, you would be able to understand and execute new technologies you can develop several strategies workflow designs to enhance your company’s output. You would not only get to choose from a variety of career options, but also become an invaluable asset to your company.
As Microsoft certificates are well-recognized qualifications, they are much better options as compared to qualifications obtained from unknown software training institutes. Microsoft forms a hub with Microsoft certified professionals and gives them a platform for using the opportunities provided by networking and professional growth.
It is also said that a person’s chances of being employed multiplies by 5 times. Also, acquiring its certification will give you benefits as MCP, MCT or MOS website members.
You can either get training online or attend the training programs organized by a variety of licensed companies. You can also use Microsoft’s tools, DVDs, digital downloads, learning library, books and tutorials to study for the exams. A Microsoft certification can get you jobs of IT administrators, consultants, database developers and administrators, IT designs and so on.