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Drawing is all about creativity. Each artist has his own style and method of drawing. Even though may feel completely content with your level and style of drawing, you need to up your game if you were to overtake others in the field. With the increasing number of artists, this might seem like a tiring job. Well, guess what? It definitely is. So, brace yourself to invest a lot of your time and effort. Listed below are some tips that will help.

Use Different Media

A great method to improve is to come out of your comfort zone. If you think that you are brilliant with a pencil, then there is no point in making further effort with it. So, try something different and more challenging. Try a pen or even just paint to see what you can do with these equipment. You might be even able to come up with a completely different style to your original and usual way of drawing.

Use the Mirror

Some artists keep checking their drawings from upside down to look at their work from different points of view. This could also be done with the use of a mirror. Constantly checking your drawing in the mirror will enable you to look at it from a totally different perspective. You will also be able to check where you have gone wrong. For instance, the reflection will tell you more about the drawing’s symmetry than you could have before. Even though this method is not typically taught at an art school, do know that the great Leonardo da Vinci himself used it.

Grid Method

One of the biggest challenges students face in art school is copying an image. It is much easier to draw something out of pure imagination than to copy an image. This is mainly because you are expected to make your drawing as much similar as possible. Under such circumstances, you could easily avoid hassle by keeping proportion. Do not base your drawing on guesswork. Measure the original drawing through a square grid to get the right size.

Use Shapes

All artists have starting trouble. It is difficult to decide where to start even if you have a clear idea and a picture in your head. For example, if you are planning to draw a horse, what body part would you draw first? It is important to make this decision beforehand to manage space effectively. Always start with big rough shapes – in this case the horse’s body- so that you can develop around it.

Remember, being a perfectionist is not the best goal since your obsession and attention to detail can ruin the overall work and take you weeks or even months to create a drawing.

One thing we need the most but tend to think a little about is our teeth. We rely on our teeth daily to help us eat but yet we know so little about them. Oral care and dental facilities have improved greatly in the past few year but it’s still very important that you take action to protect your teeth in your daily routines. Did u know that like your finger print that your teeth are also unique to you? Getting to know about your teeth a little more and about how your behaviors affect them can help you to take care of them. After all they are unique to you.

Like an iceberg

Your teeth are actually like icebergs in the ocean. About a third of each tooth is actually well hidden underneath your gums. That’s why it’s important to take good care of your gums and avoid gum diseases which can lead to problems with your teeth. Therefore your gums should always be pink and healthy. See this page to gain ideas about other services that the dentists can offer.

The enamel

This is the top coat or the outermost layer of your teeth. It’s the strongest part of each teeth and it protects the tooth from getting damaged. But keep in mind that without the necessary oral care and oral health this strong outer defender of your teeth can become weak, crack, chip or in a worst case scenario it can decay. Sugar and acid found in food and drinks can attack and weaken the enamel. This would untimely lead to the decaying of the tooth. So try to avoid soft drinks and sugar foods as much as possible. And remember to brush your teeth twice a day. Sometime we think the dentists recommend regular checkups for their own benefits buy actually there is a good reason for it. It’s important to clean out the bacteria that gather around your teeth if not it can lead to gum deceases and tooth decay.

Signs of decay

Your teeth get its white color form the enamel. So don’t pass off yellow stain on your teeth as coffee stains. This can very well be yellow stains caused by decaying of the tooth. Once the enamel starts decaying its color changes to yellow and it can cause pain as well. So if you have yellow stains on your teeth check with your dentist and see is it is caused by decaying.

Plaque the enemy

This is the white sticky stuff constantly growing around your teeth. This has to be removed regularly by brushing and flossing your teeth. If the plaque is not removed it will harden and turn into tartar. This will be more difficult to clean and it will require more than just brushing and that is why dentists recommend regular checkups for cleaning.

The human mouth is actually home to around 300 type of bacteria. That is why the importance of regular brushing, flossing and the use of a mouth wash cannot be stressed enough. Remember that you are the owner of 32 unique set of teeth and let’s face it you do need them. So remember these points and learn to take better care of them.

When asked what they want to be when they grow up, a lot of children say either doctor or a fireman. Once they hit the teen years however, these ambitions change in accordance with their interests etc. However sometimes these interests that one has during his or her teen years also change with time and people tend to settle with either their new interests or passions, or go for options that are more rewarding monetarily.
With the changing trends and shift of economic patterns and other factors like urbanization, unconventional jobs that some people don’t even know exists have come to the fore as highest paying over the more conventional, well paying desk jobs. Out of such options, occupations relating to the construction industry can be identified as the most significant
The rising demand for construction jobs
With the cities getting more crowded and people’s need and wants becoming more complicated, they seek for opportunities that pay better in order to make a living with which they could satisfy their basic needs as well as a job that will pay them a tad more to live comfortably. In the recent years, with industrialization, the construction field was seen boosting significantly due to the sharp increase in the demand for shelter from the public as well as for corporate spaces from the business community.
As a result, the construction industry became an open ground for youth looking for job opportunities. As an industry, the field has a number of areas which offer high paying jobs. Often these jobs hire youth with no previous experience and train them on the job. For example, plumbing contactors in Dubai hire youth straight out of school and train them from A to Z everything about the field and how things should be done. This hands-on experience is what makes a worker a skilled one by the time he is 20.
Similar to plumbing contractors, other areas from electricians to constructors and other related professionals are trained in the same way and this training makes them suitable to be employed in any given part of the world.
The demand for construction professionals right around the world is extremely high and now institutions too are seen being set up in every city to offer internationally recognized qualifications such as City and Guilds to youth who aspire to work in the field of construction in the future.
Although some say that most of the jobs in the future in this industry and everywhere else will be replaced by Artificial intelligence and other related technological advancements, some jobs will still require human labour and these very jobs are likely to rise above even the high-paying white-collar jobs that are deemed prestigious in today’s context.

Capitol and one of the largest cities of United Arab Emirates and one of the cities of modern technology and architecture, as well as a society infused with its cultural traditions, Abu Dhabi is one of the main tourist stops on Middle Eastern region. Almost the entire city lies off coats on an island connected to the mainland through a network of sophisticated road networks.
There are many things to admire in the city, especially the architecture and luxuries available for anyone. But here are some things for the adventurous soul touring Abu Dhabi; like a journey across the desert, city tour with Ferrari world and Yas Marina circuit.
Desert Safari
Connect with nature and savour the beauty of a landscape that is so out of norm. While a safari in the desert might put you off if you think of the heat and sun there are packages to enjoy a desert safari either in the morning or the night where the climate is much cooler and soothing.
You can roll up and down under high dunes in a 4x4 during dune bashing; go for snowboarding on the golden sand with dune boarding; get a picturesque view with camel riding or even enjoy some authentic food and drinks during the breaks.
Ferrari world
World’s one and only Ferrari branded theme park it is also one of the largest amusement parks in the region. The indoor park has family rides, thrill rides, kids’ rides, 4D shows and rollercoasters and the world’s fastest rollercoaster experience is much sought out by thrill seekers. For fancy car enthusiasts this is a chance to drive an actual Ferrari and look at the history of Ferraris at the museum. There are packages available with city tour with Ferrari world combination that would actually let you enjoy both.
Yas Marina circuit
The world famous venue for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the Yas Marina Circuit is a must see for car enthusiasts and speed chasers. The famous Formula One track is available to be driven through in a sports car with a professional driver or to be a firsthand viewer of other racers on the track. You can do the tour of the whole track, such as viewing the winner’s podium and other sections that you would not see from the TV or come during evening or night time to take a jog or walk around the track.
One of the busiest and most modern cities of the world, Abu Dhabi is built to impress; with extensive amusement parks and circuit tracks and also the desert to probe around. You can delve into the culture, technology and the unique food of the country.

Just as homeowners like to deck out their houses with various types of interior design and furniture, so car enthusiasts like to primp their cars to give them a personal edge. Whether it is a house or a car, these upgrades are based on personal preference and taste and what may suit one may not be another’s cup of tea. Paraphernalia used to improve the look of a vehicle is based on the type and model of the vehicle. Continue reading this article to find out more about auto spare parts of your own vehicle model.


First and foremost, it is necessary to understand what BMW stands for. A German product, BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke and in English it can be translated to Bavarian Motor Works. The company manufactures not only cars but also motorcycles and engines and dates back to the year 1916 which makes it a coveted car to own. It is quite steep in price, which means that this car is only purchased by the up-market segment of society. A common factor amongst BMW owners is their love for constantly preening their vehicles with the use of a BMW body kit.


You have probably heard the term ‘body kit’ but are not entirely sure of what it entails. This is the collection of modifications that are done externally to a car. A body kit typically consists of spoilers, paint jobs, front as well as rear bumpers and in some cases, even roof scoops and front and rear side guards. Each varies depending on the car owner and type of car owned.


If you happen to be a car owner, there is nothing wrong with getting a makeover. Plenty of car owners add modifications to their cars including the rims of their wheels. Some like to give their rides a personal touch which not only gives them a sense of attachment, but also sets them apart when on the road. BMW owners are no different and a quality BMW body kit is something they can look at getting to personalize their vehicle.


Body kits come specific to each car. What may suit a BMW will not suit for instance a Suzuki. There are many factors that come into play such as brand for starters, followed by size of the vehicle and type. Generally you should be able to find one that suits your model. BMWs have kits that are set out for each of their models such as 1 series, Z1, 8 series and so on. You can either get it installed professionally which could cost you, or even do it yourself if you know how.

The advent of various digital marketing tools has drastically changed the way businesses now go about promoting their products and services. Although, there are plenty of new and upcoming marketing tools available in the market, it has only made the competition among the business fierce. All the businesses, especially the start-up and SMEs owners have realized that it is nearly impossible to withstand the competition and survive in the market without adopting to the new promotional trends.

The businesses today are more versatile and they are more willing to experiment and take risks. If you are looking for some effective ways to market your business, knowing the following new trends would greatly help you:

Marketing through emails

Email marketing has been around for a while now but it has gained immense significance recently even amongst all the other digital marketing tools. The small businesses are using emails to great advantage to deliver their business message directly to the potential customers. There is no better way to tell about your products or services than reaching the inbox of the targeted audience. Research suggests that sending emails has an incredible conversion rate. Not to mention, it also increase engagement.

Mobile marketing

Today, with the usage of smartphones skyrocketing, it is only natural that the businesses around the world exploit the immense marketing opportunity the mobile devices offers. Mobile marketing is not just about sending SMS and making calls, the modern trend is creating utility apps that serve the purposes of the customers. Also, most of the businesses are now focusing on mobile website so that people can read and access your website site content even on the go. However, just like email marketing, the key to get maximum engagement from mobile is to have a high quality content; the content should be short, informative and more importantly useful for the readers.

Social media rules the roost

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ have millions of subscribers. Every day millions of people access their personal social media accounts. These sites provide an excellent platform for businesses to reach out to a huge volume of audience at once and convey their marketing message. Not to mention there is plethora of digital forums out there, where people from different background and with varied interest take part in various discussions, these forums are a great way to reach out to the potential customers on a personal level and know about their preferences and what the interest of the people is in general. This information can be crucial in formulating marketing strategies.

Image centric content

For the businesses around the world it is becoming important to make their content easily digestible for their audiences. Consequently, the businesses today are relying more on the images and info graphics rather than textual content to help the people understand their message better.