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The orthodox ways of promoting and advertising your brand can sometimes be a bore and quite expensive. There’s nothing more that grabs a person’s attention than creative and clever advertising. Listed down below are a few ways that could help promoting your business in a unique way.

A platform with a twist

Now you may be highly confused as to what I’m talking about but it is a genius idea that will definitely get people to notice your brand. What do you do when you’re stuck in traffic on your way to work besides checking your phone, you sometimes stare out the window and what do you see when you look around in traffic? More vehicles. The platform with a twist that you can now advertise on is vehicles but to be more specific it is called car branding and it is a great way to get people to remember and notice your brand.

I have more of where the above idea came from, this idea too uses the basic idea of a platform to advertise on but this time around, we’re talking about hiring a person to hold your brand signs on the sides of the road. It may not be a new way of advertising but you can get a person to hold a board promoting your brand at much cheaper price than car branding. If the person you hire can do flip tricks with the sign, the attention drawn to it will be much more.

Choose and help a charity

Everyone loves to give back to the community and to those in need in every way possible and by choosing to fund a charity of your choosing, you can greatly impact the life of your employees as it will teach them about the importance of helping those in need but at the same time, opportunities like this can impact the reputation of your company and brand majorly.

When clients think of coming to your company for whatever services, they want to know that they’re not coming to a place that is only profit oriented and will rip you off.

The involvement with a charity organization can impact the lives of your employees because everybody feels good being a part of something that is contributing towards making changes in society and working also for the betterment of the society.

When being involved or funding a charity organization, you will get opportunities to network with people that could be of service to you maybe in giving some advice, helping your company financially and many other things.

Wedding, the most special and auspicious occasion, is the initiation of a new life of the couple. Besides the wedding couple, this grandeur day brings lots of happiness and charm to the family. If you are the closest friend of the bride or her sister then you also have to dress special on the D-day. The camera will not flash on the bride only; you will also be the next person to get too much attention. If you are wondering how to make the day special with your glamour and fashion then you should follow some simple tips:
Select your dress smartly
The first impression is the last impression; so when you plan to attend a grand party like wedding, you need to think couple of times on your dressing. If you visit abaya online shopping in Dubai stores, you will definitely find some elegant and attention-grabbing dresses.
Groom yourself in the beauty spa
After you have selected your dress and completed your abaya online shopping, you can now plan to pamper your skin. On a day before the special occasion, you should groom yourself in a beauty spa and salon. You can get some good facial, hair designing and other grooming techniques to look beautiful and dazzling. Here are some online dresses on this website
The selection of jewelry
Make sure the jewelleries are in sync with your dress and do not look weird. Why don’t you try something unique that matches your outfit? Try to accessorize in the right way to add that extra style statement to your dress. 

What accessory you carry!
If you are attending the wedding ceremony on a sunny day then try to make yourself as much comfortable you can. A stunning side bag is more than enough on a scorching day, while you can add spice to your fashion accessories if the wedding is fixed on a winter. Focus on your feet
Well-groomed and stunning wedding attire is complemented by what you wear in your foot.
Are you going by your own vehicle?
A good transportation is always required to get to the venue or else you may spoil the day. Getting late to the wedding is not admired at all. So get your own vehicle and stop ending with some blunder.
Always keep a backup plan for your dress in case any unwanted situation arises. Well, if you are forgetting to buy wedding gifts, then let me remind you! Wedding gifts are also something that you should plan and buy in advance to avoid last minute confusions.

It is fun to shop babies various items like toys, clothes, feeding bottles, high chairs, etc. However, it is difficult to find particular items or any specific brands at departmental stores or malls.
For unique items, you can search online and get them shipped straight to your home. While searching online, you will find a wide range of products that might not be accessible in offline market.
Customers service representatives can help you make a great deal since they are quite aware of their products. So, if you are confused or have a doubt regarding something, you can contact the staff and get detailed information. You may sometimes wonder from where people get amazing and colourful baby stuff, and chances are that they might have got it from online baby shop.
Enjoyable experience
There are some companies, which only provide products for the online market especially children’s items. Buying online can be a great option even for special occasions. Online baby shop will make a delightful experience for expecting moms.
Being a mom is blissful, but it also brings about a lot of responsibility a long with it. Not only will you have to consider buying maternity clothing for yourself, now you will have to start thinking about how you will be dressing up your baby.
Shopping online
Plenty of stores are available for baby needs. They have a wide array of products. For your choice of brand and special needs, you should log on to a special link or website. It is also easy to find all brands online. Apart from baby’s daily needs, online stores also offer a variety of room decor, furniture and even party products. It is suggested to list out stuff you want to buy.
A few common baby items are -
Diaper cream
Sanitizer bag
Bottle brush, etc
The most probable reason why people shop online is that there are huge discounts available and also the items are good. Therefore, it is the best for parents, who wish to buy many items for their kids, but cannot afford them in offline stores. Many online stores also offer market down products round the year.
There are also items available for kids that are up to date with the new technology. Children enjoy the new items and upcoming technology. The latest one is the video baby monitor. Considering the profit making, wholesale stores are the best. Choice of items for sale also matters. Branded stores will give you the same products for a higher price than the wholesale stores. Therefore, choose wisely at a sensible price.