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Ideas For Girl’s Nurseries

When you are expecting a girl, there are dozens of ideas you can cook around in your head. Basically, you have more options in terms of decoration when it comes to a girl. There are more hairstyles you can try, more dresses and outfits you can buy and definitely more accessories that you can get too. If you want to get a modern look for your baby’s nursery, here are some ideas that break away from the traditional plain room.
Sugar and condiments
If you are expecting a girl, this can be the perfect theme that can bring out the femininity and a sense of elegance in one go. The walls of the room can be painted a shade of chocolate or cocoa to give it a touch of richness. The ceiling can be painted with a shade of cotton candy while the crib can be colored white. A little mixing and matching ought to do the trick. Buy drapes that are light pink or light green that will go with the rest of the look. You can buy a white dresser with pink handles or a pink dresser and paint the handles white. If you need help, just search up a list of interior design companies in your district that can portray your idea into real life. A pink chandelier can be the final touch to finish the job.
Enthralling dreams
While lavender is associated with a good night’s sleep and enticing aroma, it can also create a lovely magical feeling that you get when you read fairy tales. In order to create such a scene, use lavender to fill the walls. You can get drapes that are pale yellow in color to compliment the lavender walls. Wooden cribs can add to the whole look. A harlequin pattern of pale yellow and light blue diamonds on a rectangular block with a wide borderline on one of the walls can be an enhancer of the fairytale effect. Finish off the theme by adding a magical rug with minimal patterns and color. Pale tones go best with baby nurseries. The harlequin design can be stenciled with cut out diamonds or it can initially be sketched on the wall with a pencil, which can then be painted. You also have the option of contacting a list of interior design companies to handle this for you.
Nursery rhymes
Every child is going to be a fan of one nursery rhyme or another. To implement this theme in a room, using a pattern that consists of vertical stripes can be of use. Colors that can go well together are lime green, pale yellow, blue and brown. You can paint different sizes of stripes to make the room look neater and more children friendly. Wooden flooring and wooden furniture can complement this theme. Writing an inscription on the wall that is a line from a nursery rhyme can dial this theme up a notch. Use a font that is neat and clear and have this written in pencil, which you can later paint on, using a small paintbrush.