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So, is your kid’s birthday approaching? How old will she be? Well, you would definitely want to throw a birthday bash for her. You would want to be extremely special as you love your kid. However, a kid’s birthday bash is not an easy task if you have a number of guests arriving. You just need to do things systematically and think smart. Though it’s not a daunting task, yet smart and careful planning is required.
Your first job is to decide on the venue. If you are throwing the party at your home and have a pool at the backyard, make sure you do the maintenance of the pool and pool landscaping as well. You would definitely not want any sort of accident especially when kids are playing in the water. So, ensure good pool maintenance in Dubai to let the kids and adults a wonderful birthday bash of your daughter.
If you want to host the birthday party at home, you have to carefully decorate your home. If you want to host the bash at the exteriors of your home, then you can make lawn, driveway, patio, etc. prepared for the party. Your house remains the most inexpensive venue for celebration. However, at times, the furniture and space can be an issue. So, you can also rent out a hall nearby or a pool side in a hotel.
If you are renting pool side in a hotel, make sure they do efficient pool maintenance. The pool, for the party, must be well maintained and cleaned. So, ensure that before you allow the kids and your daughter out for a pool bash.
If you can’t handle the task yourself, you have to hire an event planner. Event planners are efficient in conducting successful birthday parties.
Make a list of guests that your child wishes to have. Add the names of the guests to the list. This will also help you in estimating total cost of the party.
Send out invitations to the guests. You can craft small invitation cards at home instead of getting them through printing machine. Since it’s your daughter’s birthday celebration, you can send pink colour invitation with Disney princess sketched. You can also draw a strawberry cake, etc.
Make sure the cake is awesome with your kid’s name and some lovely designs. It should be delicious and match the taste of your daughter.
Now is the time of the menu. When it is a birthday party and the kids are the main guests, make sure you pay great attention to the menu. You can serve main course of burgers, pizzas, pasta, noodles, etc. Keep some juices or soft drinks, ice creams, candies and arrange for customised cup cakes.

Are you the owner of a brand new apartment complex? It must have been pretty exciting, that moment when your building contractor came up to you and said that the building was done. However, even after all those months of hard work getting the building up, there is a lot more that needs to be done. Each of these concerns need to be tackled in order to help your apartment block gain traction in a competitive world these days.
Don’t get your wires crossed
One of the most important of these is the electricity. If you know anything about building safety codes, you know that you can’t just run wires through at random. You need to pick your routes properly so that you can avoid the risk of getting fined by the inspector the state is sure to send to make sure your building is livable. The best way to avoid this and get your electrical wiring done in record time without having all of the extra worries is to hire a professional electrician (a company would be the better choice for you).
In addition to the electricity, you need to make sure that each apartment is furnished and painted from head to toe. This means that you will need to hire interior designers and painting contractors to do the job right. After all you can’t expect to have ugly apartments selling like hotcakes. You actually may not need the interior designer much, because most people who move into an apartment tend to bring their own stuff.
Pick the right colors from the rainbow
You will however need to paint the apartment properly if you hope to have anyone to actually rent it out. You can’t imagine how hard it is to pick the right color of paint though. Different people have different ideas about what is attractive to them. While some people might like forest green, others may like a deep navy blue.
It is very hard indeed to decide upon the right colors to complement the simple elegance of your apartment. One of the easiest ways to do this is to get the right painting contractors in Dubai to paint your building. These people are experienced professionals. They have been through the same issues with other building owners as well, so they know exactly what to do to keep you and your tenants happy.
This is definitely one of the easiest and fastest ways to get your apartments finished up. In addition to this it allows you to do as little work as possible. This minimizes the risk of you making a bad judgement call and messing it up for everyone else too.

When it comes to redecorating, renovating or refurbishing your home, it usually turns out to be an extremely frustrating as well as exciting time for the said home owners. This is because, as much as one is looking forward to making a change in their home, other factors such as cost and decisions on how the area should look after the makeover is given and how much the refurbishment will actually add onto the value of the house.

The usual cost of refurbishment or renovation is comparatively high and so one will generally look around for ideas that will look beautiful as well as classy and blend in perfectly with the rest of the house, as well as making certain that the bill stays within the allocated budget business center Dubai.

The first and foremost step that one will need to decide upon is the kind of renovation that will need to be done. They will then have to speak to a number of contractors and explain their plans to them and make certain that they are able to make the changes they have decided on making and come up with the least invasive method of making those said changes. Adding an office space into their home will greatly add value to the house, should they want to sell it at any time.

For instance if one is looking to expand a portion of their home to accommodate an office space, it is vital that they ask themselves, as well as run these questions by the contractor to make certain that the contractors as well as the individuals are on the same page as well as they will be able to help out and give the individuals their expert opinion into certain areas.

They will have to ask them what a standard office rent in Business Bay will look like and the area that they will need to keep aside for it. This will help the individuals to understand the portion that will be taken up by the office furniture and start to redecorate around it is that it will blend in perfectly with the rest of the house.

Having spoken to your contractors you can now move on to receiving an estimate as to how much it would cost to make the changes to that particular room. You can then negotiate and settle on a breakeven price that both you and the contractor are happy with, and then go on to making the renovation changes to your home.

The orthodox ways of promoting and advertising your brand can sometimes be a bore and quite expensive. There’s nothing more that grabs a person’s attention than creative and clever advertising. Listed down below are a few ways that could help promoting your business in a unique way.

A platform with a twist

Now you may be highly confused as to what I’m talking about but it is a genius idea that will definitely get people to notice your brand. What do you do when you’re stuck in traffic on your way to work besides checking your phone, you sometimes stare out the window and what do you see when you look around in traffic? More vehicles. The platform with a twist that you can now advertise on is vehicles but to be more specific it is called car branding and it is a great way to get people to remember and notice your brand.

I have more of where the above idea came from, this idea too uses the basic idea of a platform to advertise on but this time around, we’re talking about hiring a person to hold your brand signs on the sides of the road. It may not be a new way of advertising but you can get a person to hold a board promoting your brand at much cheaper price than car branding. If the person you hire can do flip tricks with the sign, the attention drawn to it will be much more.

Choose and help a charity

Everyone loves to give back to the community and to those in need in every way possible and by choosing to fund a charity of your choosing, you can greatly impact the life of your employees as it will teach them about the importance of helping those in need but at the same time, opportunities like this can impact the reputation of your company and brand majorly.

When clients think of coming to your company for whatever services, they want to know that they’re not coming to a place that is only profit oriented and will rip you off.

The involvement with a charity organization can impact the lives of your employees because everybody feels good being a part of something that is contributing towards making changes in society and working also for the betterment of the society.

When being involved or funding a charity organization, you will get opportunities to network with people that could be of service to you maybe in giving some advice, helping your company financially and many other things.

When it comes to shopping for fragrances on the internet most individuals are extremely sceptical about whether or not it is the best idea. Most websites discuss the down side of purchasing this product off the internet, especially concentrating on the fact that you are unable to know how it smells for sure before actually making the purchase. Well here are a few advantages of choosing this option when compared with going to a perfume store and shopping for it personally.
The best selection for scents
When it comes to selecting the perfumes online, you will have a much larger collection to choose from when compared to if you purchase the fragrances from your local department store. You will have a much greater collection of colognes of some of your favourite brands, most of which you will not be able to even see in your particular country or region
Shopping for perfumes online has never been easier. Now you can purchase your favourite scents from the comfort of your own home. You are able to browse through a number of fragrances form a number of world renowned brands at possibly a slightly discounted price than what you will normally pay at your department store, and get it delivered right to your door step within a reasonable time. This level of convenience is massive when compared to the need to go out and window shop before selecting the kind of fragrance for men and women you require.
Different Size Options
The next advantage will be the fact that they will have the exact perfume you are looking for in a variety of different sizes to meet your requirement. Most of your local department stores will have a standard size of two different sizes or the size you require always seems to be sold out, simply because they do not order in bulk. They will probably have a standard order that does not include much of the sizes that are actually available out there.
Compare Price
You will probably notice it being a little bit cheaper than buying it locally. It is true that you have to look out for items that are marked down by a large amount; because it could probably be a phony version of the original perfume but as long as you are buying your perfume off a reliable site, you have not got much to worry about.
Therefore as much as there are disadvantages of buying items like this virtually, there are a number of advantages as well.

Drawing is all about creativity. Each artist has his own style and method of drawing. Even though may feel completely content with your level and style of drawing, you need to up your game if you were to overtake others in the field. With the increasing number of artists, this might seem like a tiring job. Well, guess what? It definitely is. So, brace yourself to invest a lot of your time and effort. Listed below are some tips that will help.

Use Different Media

A great method to improve is to come out of your comfort zone. If you think that you are brilliant with a pencil, then there is no point in making further effort with it. So, try something different and more challenging. Try a pen or even just paint to see what you can do with these equipment. You might be even able to come up with a completely different style to your original and usual way of drawing.

Use the Mirror

Some artists keep checking their drawings from upside down to look at their work from different points of view. This could also be done with the use of a mirror. Constantly checking your drawing in the mirror will enable you to look at it from a totally different perspective. You will also be able to check where you have gone wrong. For instance, the reflection will tell you more about the drawing’s symmetry than you could have before. Even though this method is not typically taught at an art school, do know that the great Leonardo da Vinci himself used it.

Grid Method

One of the biggest challenges students face in art school is copying an image. It is much easier to draw something out of pure imagination than to copy an image. This is mainly because you are expected to make your drawing as much similar as possible. Under such circumstances, you could easily avoid hassle by keeping proportion. Do not base your drawing on guesswork. Measure the original drawing through a square grid to get the right size.

Use Shapes

All artists have starting trouble. It is difficult to decide where to start even if you have a clear idea and a picture in your head. For example, if you are planning to draw a horse, what body part would you draw first? It is important to make this decision beforehand to manage space effectively. Always start with big rough shapes – in this case the horse’s body- so that you can develop around it.

Remember, being a perfectionist is not the best goal since your obsession and attention to detail can ruin the overall work and take you weeks or even months to create a drawing.