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Role Of Lawyers In Immigration

An immigration attorney does not have the same responsibilities as other general lawyers do. Their role is a bit unique and most of these lawyers deal with issues concerning individuals facing difficulties while immigration. The role of an immigration attorney is to give advice or provide counsel to citizens who need to interact with the immigration authorities of the country they are immigrating or have immigrated to.
Some common issues that attorneys of immigration deal with
Some issues that immigration lawyers often deal with are listed below:
• Citizenship
• Naturalization
• Visa applications
• Deportation issues
• Employment issues for non-citizens.
These lawyers spend very less time dealing with cases of civil dispute. These cases are usually handled by other lawyers who specialize in these cases. It is the function of these lawyers to act as a negotiator or medium between the immigration authorities and clients. An immigration attorney might be required to be present in front of an immigration judge in case his/her client is facing any charges concerning immigration. These lawyers are also trained to handle any situation in which the criminal laws are mixed or linked to a case of immigration.
Duties specific for these lawyers
Immigration lawyers are hired to provide assistance in filling and submitting visa applications and any related process since, it might be fairly complicated. Some of the cases this lawyer has to deal with are listed below:
• If an applicant for immigration is accused of being involved in criminal activity.
• Previous submissions of immigration applications have been rejected.
• If the individual has been to the other country before and has been deported back.
• If an individual has been banned from setting foot into a particular country and is still trying to get permission to visit.
• In case the applicant is suffering from any medical conditions and still wants to travel but is unable to get permission from the other country.
• An applicant waiting for a very long duration of time for his/her application to be approved.
• In cases where an individual is looking to obtain a work permit along with visa and his/her employer is not being of any assistance to aid the completion of the process quickly.
• In cases where the individuals involved have no idea how to carry on with the procedure of filling forms and submitting them for approval.
• In case of marriages where the citizen of the country is no longer bonded by the marriage and wishes to adjust permanent address with all local and international authorities.
Hire a reliable attorney and enjoy a smooth and faster immigration. You need not have to suffer from any issues when you are working with the right lawyer.