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Things To Consider While Going To An Outdoor Wedding

Wedding, the most special and auspicious occasion, is the initiation of a new life of the couple. Besides the wedding couple, this grandeur day brings lots of happiness and charm to the family. If you are the closest friend of the bride or her sister then you also have to dress special on the D-day. The camera will not flash on the bride only; you will also be the next person to get too much attention. If you are wondering how to make the day special with your glamour and fashion then you should follow some simple tips:
Select your dress smartly
The first impression is the last impression; so when you plan to attend a grand party like wedding, you need to think couple of times on your dressing. If you visit abaya online shopping in Dubai stores, you will definitely find some elegant and attention-grabbing dresses.
Groom yourself in the beauty spa
After you have selected your dress and completed your abaya online shopping, you can now plan to pamper your skin. On a day before the special occasion, you should groom yourself in a beauty spa and salon. You can get some good facial, hair designing and other grooming techniques to look beautiful and dazzling. Here are some online dresses on this website
The selection of jewelry
Make sure the jewelleries are in sync with your dress and do not look weird. Why don’t you try something unique that matches your outfit? Try to accessorize in the right way to add that extra style statement to your dress. 

What accessory you carry!
If you are attending the wedding ceremony on a sunny day then try to make yourself as much comfortable you can. A stunning side bag is more than enough on a scorching day, while you can add spice to your fashion accessories if the wedding is fixed on a winter. Focus on your feet
Well-groomed and stunning wedding attire is complemented by what you wear in your foot.
Are you going by your own vehicle?
A good transportation is always required to get to the venue or else you may spoil the day. Getting late to the wedding is not admired at all. So get your own vehicle and stop ending with some blunder.
Always keep a backup plan for your dress in case any unwanted situation arises. Well, if you are forgetting to buy wedding gifts, then let me remind you! Wedding gifts are also something that you should plan and buy in advance to avoid last minute confusions.